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My boyfriend and I just moved in to this apartment building recently. It has been nothing but a nightmare since we got here. We had to move quickly as our lease with our last place was up and the building we were supposed to move in to fell through (long story). The elevator in this building is constantly down... even on the day we moved in! we had to carry all of our stuff; bed frame, mattress, tv, clothes, dressers, furniture, the list goes on... up the stairs.
Did we get any sort of reimburs

Or even an apology?
our super said (and I quote) "you don't have that much stuff do you?" as she walked down the hall.
Now, if that wasn't enough of a piss off, within the first week of us being here, we discovered a bug, it was just tiny, my boyfriend and I weren't sure what it was. Until we saw 2 larger ones the very next day... We still were unsure of what it was, but had our suspicions, we researched it, and sure enough...
it was cockroaches!
Since I am terrified of bugs, and I'm sure NO ONE wants these disgusting things in what they want to call their home, our eyes were constantly searching. It was not a bad infestation, but everyone knows when there's one, theres millions of others. We began to see them in the stairwells, hallways, the laundry room... We once even spotted a big old dead one in one of the hallways.
We immediately went to the super and told them what we had found.
They did not seem surprised, but tried to almost comfort us by saying that this unit has never had cockroaches before. But that they had just sprayed the unit above us.
Now, anyone that knows anything about cockroaches knows that when a unit is sprayed they will just move on to the next spot. This is why it is the supers duty, when one unit must be sprayed, the units above, below, and the units on either side must be sprayed as well to prevent spreading. (I believe the ENTIRE BUILDING should immediately be sprayed at the very first sight of any type of bug that will infest).
We got our unit sprayed, had to throw out so many of our items, and all the hassle of being sprayed.
After being sprayed, we didn't find any for about a month or so...
We were so glad, and I was finally able to walk around my apartment without walking on my tippy toes, watching everywhere i stepped, inspecting everything, (I still didn't leave any foods, such as crackers, etc in an open bag, I place them in tightly sealed tupperware containers to hopefully try to reduce the smell of food so it doesn't attract them) and finally able to get a decent nights sleep.
Just yesterday we found one.
After speaking with other tenants, I have yet to speak with one who is happy with this building.
There are some tenants that have lived here for awhile, and one once said "there is no horror story you can't tell me about this building that I haven't already heard."
We are actively trying to figure out how we can break or lease, or move from this apartment, and still get our deposit back.... I am currently unemployed, and only getting miscellaneous jobs here and there, so my boyfriend is taking care of us financially. So as you can see this is a difficult situation for us, and if anyone reads this and has any advice, PLEASE help us out.
We are looking to move as soon as possible.

As for the bed bugs, we have had no problems with that whatsoever.
Perhaps there was a problem before we moved in, and its possible other tenants may still have bed bugs... and so if that's the case, that makes this move all the more urgent.

I would NOT recommend this building to anyone.
Unless of course, you have no problem with a roach infested building and possible bedbugs!

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I read the report of the previous tenant. I live in this building for the last 5 years during 2011 I listened to some other tenants reporting about bed bugs. I never had them in my unit, however, the Landlord sprayed all units in the building & I have not heard of any bed bugs in the building since that year.

l moved in to a unit in 140 wellington st.s
less then a year ago. had to clean bag and throw out my bed of 1.5 yrs only to get them agian.3 mths later...had to pay for a new bed,washers and dryers.cleaning supplies etc. where the supers. took there sweet time,to have the apt. powdered only to find out the crap doesn't even work, once agian my place was done only this time it was bombed
please don't miss understand me...l'm still at large risk here as at least 10 other apts. now have them...cle

aning supply expenses come out of my pocket and no one has ever been reemburst anything.and they knew all a long they had this problem and before a yr ago...why if they now.. they would not bomb the building from top to bottom, when they first were notified of this and not like there doing still, one place at a time and only the unit with the complaint at that time,all there doing is sending them to different apts, they are not solving this problem,l believe applying tenants have the right to know the past history of the building they are planning to move into, and you need a co-signer LMAO

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