429 King St E
Hamilton, ON L8N

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We moved in and about a week after we moved here, I started getting a few bites. And we even told the super, and they didn't do anything, they just told us that we had to have proof and find one and bag it. So, we found 1 and we called the super and she came over and bagged it, and it took them weeks to come back to us with an answer. Then when they got back to us, they said it was a carpet beetle. We know it is not a carpet beetle, because we have looked it up and called people about it

. And when we looked it up and asked, they said that carpet beetles don't bite people, but bedbugs do. So we have tried to get them to at least pull up the carpet, because it is disgusting, but they won't, and we don't know what to do because they won't believe us and they don't care. We didn't sign a lease for the Owners to do nothing!!! They are cheap and won't even help us with a bedbug problem.

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