23 Spring St
Hamilton, ON L8N

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This is a horrible place to live and I regret ever moving here. There is a real bug problem! Management isn't much help.

Ive got roaches and mice come through my place. Im constantly cleaning.

Management doesnt really seem to care.

Well we have lived at 23 spring for 4 months now the first night my husband and I seen them in our bed room, we were up all night to get rid of them toOK us about a week we cocked every light socket every plug socket and cocked every dam crack...till now we have seen nothing belive me it was worth the 4 days my man took off work and yes they did give us some money back ty

I have had my place treated, 9 times and I still can't get rid off them.
Managment is useless, I e-mailed them and I'm still waiting for a response ( that was about 2 weeks ago )
I have my things in plastic bags in the balcony because I'm scared to bring everything back in, just to have to pack it all up again for yet another treatment.
The supers in my building are great people, I know its not their fault and they are just following orders.
The whole building needs to be treated, I know t

hat more people have the same problem.
It doesn't matter how many times I have my place treated they are going to keep comin back if they don't do anything about it.
Do not move here!!

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23 Spring St has had an ongoing problem with bedbugs, cockroaches and mice for a long time! If you do decide to move in and regret it later, just remember that you read this warning first and chose to ignore it.

Hey anonymous,
Did your friend tell the supers at that location?
Why didn't your friend tell you that he had the bugs?? Now you run the risk of bring it back to your place. Nice friend!!

This building in seriously infested with bedbugs. I would not move here ever! I seen them crawling everywhere when I went to visit a friend and it was disgusting. I would never recommend this building to anyone, nor will I visit my friend again as long as he lives there

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