1083 Main St E
Hamilton, ON L8M

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In October of 2011 I noticed several pest control trucks in the parking lot of my building...I approached one of the Pest control and asked what was going on...they were here to do a heat treatment for bedbugs down the hall from my unit. Later that week I received notice that they were coming in to do a preventative spraying of my apartment because my neighbour had been flagged as having bedbugs in his apartment. Of course made me start searching my apartment...and lo and behold I found a strang

e bug in my unit. I showed this to the pest control guy and he confirmed it as a bed bug. My unit was sprayed 3 times in the next 6 weeks and I haven't seen anything since. Recently (April 2012) the superintendant brought the trained bed bug dog through all the apartments to check for more bugs, because of another reported incident in the building during the winter. At the present time we seem to be free of bugs. The Superintendant always dealt with the problem and called in pest control as soon as bed bugs were reported.

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