430 Cumberland Ave
Hamilton, ON L8M 3M9

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I have lived here for 2 years and have had bedbugs too many times to count. When I think I'm finally clean my neighbour gets them and then when they're clean I have them again. It's a never ending battle. They only spray the infested place, not the neighbours. I'm having an infestation right now and it's embarrassing and degrading! Family and friends don't want to visit because they might take a bedbug home or get bit and I can't afford to move so I feel trapped here. I wouldn't recommend

moving here.

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As noted before rugs harbour the bedbugs. Its worse than it seems. Let me explain.
So a building downtown was infested so bad they moved those tenants here. Nice solution to an already infested building. Dont even think about having your own laundry machine or youll get kicked out. So if your scared use the laundry mat down the road.. Which spreads the bugs. Smart advice from the builing managers. But say u have them, i hope you realize your trapped. You arent allowed to move until the problem

is resolved. Oh so u finally get rid of them after being sprayed you arent allowed to move to another unit, or building in case you still have them. Bc they ultimately dont know where the bugs are coming from...
This spraying one unit if they complain garbage needs to end. Spray the entire building, and rip up the rugs. If one unit has them the surrounding units beside, above and below need to be treated if nothing else. Its common sense to get rid of your furniture but that only does so much. Its a package deal..and If anyone is found hoarding/harboring them with no intention of preventing an infestation, well they get kicked. Its ruining reasonable enjoyment for most tenants. The floors of the building need to be cleaned regularily as well, same with the elevators. Thats a place to start.. Does nobody care about this building or the people in it? Someone is not doing their job right.

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Update she still has them

My mother in law got bed bugs spring of 2014. After being sprayed 3 times, she still has em. She has bought industrial strength bed bug killers, steamed her apartment and furniture, bought new mattress, pillows, bagged all items after washing them in hot water and drying them in a hot temperature... Only to still have them. She has used double sided tape as a precaution too. I feel helpless she doesnt go out or have company so how did she get them? Its completely unbareable. It has drove her in

sane so bad she is on medication now to help give her sanity. She has placed poison around the feet of her bed, and got so desperate she applied the poison to her skin so she would have at least one good nights sleep. My nieces and nephews are babies 1-2 yrs and from visiting had bites on their privates for peats sake. Now the one calls them dead buggies. You see roaches crawling around, the elevators are filthy, and the people are stupid. In the summer parents werent watching their children and since we were outside we noticed the mattresses and couches. The children were playing and jumping all over them! I also saw a dumpster diver going through the garbage and checking out the infested furniture. It is a sad sad name for a building. Being low income it is unfortunate for those with disabilities, or who have no extra money left over to take extra precautions. It has now close to a year and the problem is still there. She has bought a zippered mattress cover now as well. But get this, she was told from the person who deals with the exterminators tht the tenants have to take responsibility and she was stupid for paying hundreds of dollars trying to stop the infestation. She doesnt go anywhere or did anything to deserve this! When you are desperate and the building isnt treating hoarder neighbors for bed bugs, what is the tenant beside them suppose to do? What about the disabled? We know a lady in the building who is in a wheel chair and had them.. What is she to do? Hopefully in time it will go away but the problem will spread if people are taking bedbug furniture or dumpster diving, right? Now that christmas is near be prepared for those travelling and coming back to the apartment. My mother in law saw bed bugs transfer from one person in an elevator to the next via a dog! They dont jump, but if u are close enough they can brush up on your clothing from someone else. City housing needs to do something bad! Most of the building has them but no body has wrote a report. We know of 5 units that are infested on different floors... Children will play with other chikdren and its spread like lice if they are too close. Parents iscolate the problem!!! Watchs them so they arent playing on infested furniture! Oo and RUGS harbour them, this building has rugs in a lot of the units. Get rid of the rugs!

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