St Matthews Ave
Hamilton, ON L8L

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The whole area is full of beg bugs...Barton street too. This is all because people take other people's garbage and take it home. Look at barton street. Infested with hookers, drugs runners, bums, loser landlords who don't give a shit about what the tenant does. Don't care who they bring in. All of Hamilton downtown is infested not only with bed bugs, but also dirty low life people who and too cheap to buy things for their place but rather go buy drugs, and smokes and booze. People who woul

d rather go to the food bank to get their kids food rather than buy it and provide proper food. Nope everything has to be free, so they can afford their bad habits. Lets collect a dirty mattress on the street to sleep on rather than saving to buy a new one. Sick morons.

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House owned by Wesley Community homes @ 27 St. Matthews has an infestation of bedbugs for almost a full year.

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