600 John St N
Hamilton, ON L8L

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Stay away from this place. Bedbugs and cockroaches.

Summer 2014

Started getting mysterious bites, but my husband had none. We looked for signs and saw nothing so I thought maybe I had issue with spiders or something... but after about a month I was going crazy and itchy everyday with a new bite. One day found the tiniest little nymph on my foot in the bathroom. I had to take a picture and blow it up to do some research. Sure enough.,.... BEDBUGS!!!! later that week we started getting up in the middle of the night with a flashlight and look

in in our bed (brand new bedding btw and mattress) saw more- it was the most disturbing thing ever- we couldn't sleep. We wore head to toe clothes and I still got bit. I mentioned it to landlord and they set us up for treatment. WHAT A PAIN!!!!! Flipped our apartment upsidedown taking every precaution. Threw out sooooo many clothes and did over 150$ in laundry!!!! Bagged it all and lived anxiouslsy for the next month to follow. A second treatment was required and after that we started living normal again. Havent had anything since but it was actually one of the WORST experiences we have EVER had and we are clean tidy people. I guess this can happen to anyone. Not worth the hassle!

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So just moving out now and can definitely say after throwing most things out and sealing up everything else there is definitely still bed bugs and tons of cockroaches. I even told homestead I was going to report them before I handed in my notice and the landlord Sarah threatened me with a bad reference if I followed thru. All said an done it cost me about $4000 for new furniture and such so lesson learned.

Ive dealt with bed bugs all of last year having to throw out beds as well as furniture been bit numerous times ive been treated for it just for them to come back and cock roaches just came up on the elevator and voila theres one on the door there in cupboards drawers walls on the toilet seat bath tub just been treated again and still see them cant wait to get outof here

Have bed bugs and cockroaches for sure. Have found both coming out of walls/vents throughout the apartment. I have no clutter or anything really for them to hide behind but every couple days one will try to cross in the open. The bedbugs will try to hide themselves in cracks in the baseboards or even just sit there and think they are hidden. I put tons of traps and have been treated several times throughout my time here but they must be coming from an adjacent unit because they die as soon as I

see them and have nowhere to go, but keep coming back! I seen a bed bug right in the main hallway though and squashed it a couple weeks ago, it's getting out of control. They are spraying for the cockroaches again soon but it NEVER works due to cheapness/ineffective prep by both LANDLORDS and TENENTS. This actually messes with your life not being able to sleep without worrying about them biting your face and neck and back and aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Had bedbugs all throughout this year (2014) , have caught living bed bugs, and have had them treat the problem twice. I live out of bags now. I have pictures obviously, and they still deny them. Everyone in the building talks about it being an ongoing issue and based on the fact that they "treated" my apartment in like 5 min im guessing thats to continue. Ruined everything I own and for the people who say my stuff is not ruined you are likely the problem.

From 2012 to present there have been many canine sweeps and many units repeatedly treated for bed bugs. There are both bed bugs and cockroaches.

I know for a fact from our Supers that a bed bug problem has occurred at our location.

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