20 Emerald St N
Hamilton, ON L8L

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My family and I lived in the building from Nov.2013-Nov.2014. There was a major cockroach and bed bug problem in the building. My apt was treated for roaches 3 times and it never went away, we had no choice but to block and fill up all holes in the apt, only then did it slow down. We found dead and living cockroaches in all of our drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. We had to throw out many of our items, lost lots of money due to throwing out so much stuff. DMS(the property management) does abs

olutely nothing to rectify any problems in the building. It was DISGUSTING!!!!

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This building is infested with bedbugs.The 17th floor has a peoblem right now.Over all the bedbug problem has been there for the last 4 years.The new management company does not get on top of it.Pigeons are also another big health hazard,cockroaches, pay rent they are permenent. I left because I have been bitten in this building.

Major bedbug infestation on the 4th floor. Cockroaches who feed on them are now everywhere. I have seen some in the hallway as well as the apartments. New management is very slow at reacting. Only one treatment thus far for bed bugs and cockroaches. No follow up second treatment for bed bugs. First treatments I know of was 3 weeks ago. Company never returned to retreat. I believe health inspectors are now or soon will be getting involved. Lots of complaints. The bedbugs have spread from bedroom

s to the living room, and they bit. Mine have flared up into welts all across my back. It looks terrifying.

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May, 2012 - The problem continues and is more prevalent than when the first posting was made. To be fair, they are trying to control it.

A resident of this building admitted to having their apartment treated for bedbugs in September of 2010.

In October of 2010 (Thanksgiving weekend) the laundry room was closed for several days due to the discovery of bedbugs. Apparently, it was too much effort to have an emergency treatment of the laundry room.

I would hesitate to move into this building.

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