4 William St
Hamilton, ON L8L 5T7

Found 2 reports:

This building is NASSSSSSTY!!!! Moved in and didnt see any... after about a week of living there we started noticing roaches!!! Now being in a lease and all amd landlord doesnt clean or do anything... it has gotten so out of hand and bedbugs people in building have been saying they have them and tons of beds been getting tossed to the curb!!!

But it definitely is COVVVVVERED in cockroaches and nothing is being done!!!

I suggest NOT TO MOVE IN unless at own risk!!!!

lots of bed bugs, roaches and ignorant ppl. DO NOT SUGGEST MOVING TO THIS BUILDING AT ALL! lived there not even a year and moved its filthy! landlord will not help you either if you have any issues or needing things fixed

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