1785 Bloor St
Mississauga, ON L4X

Found 3 reports:

A couple of months ago a tenant on the fifth floor said he had bed bugs. The management supposedly sprayed. The building has become dirty-do not move here!! We are looking to move ourselves.

Our building has had another infestation of bed bugs. The property management company has refused to inform all tenants. The infestation has incurred on the fifth and sixth floors. Pest control is supposed to come and spray 03/15/11-but only infested units-there is no notification yet from the prperty mangement that other units will be protected as well.

last month there was rumours of bedbugs found on the ninth floor of our building. the rumour was confirmed and the apartment was fumigated. no reports since. I live on the tenth floor and haven't seen any bugs.

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