822 Glen St
Oshawa, ON L1J

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im commenting regarding your bed bugs situation the lady on walfare in your building has been staying in a crack house in peterbough by the name of brenda Thomson has been transforming back and forth from perterbough carring the bed bugs with here and along with the people back and forth that drive her and her bf jim sears kyle and cody sears should not be in your building there highly into drugs and in and out of jail

my apartment is infested with bed bugs, my children are covered head to toe in bites!I have informed superintendant-done nothing. have informed landlord- sent and eviction notice and a date to attend a court hearing with regards to my tenancy!!! i dont want to live hear by any means this place is a joke. needless to say i cant move anywhere with out this problem being taken care of because regardless if i move the problem with come with me and i never had this until i moved into this $h!t hole!!

! something needs to be done about this building it is the most discusting dirty building on the block and the landlord knows about all the problems but yet he lets people live like this

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