280 Wentworth St W
Oshawa, ON L1J

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Ugh. This is absulotely disgusting to speak about.
My family and I have only lived here for a year now, the first problem, not big a deal, the stove stopped working. Took like two weeks for them to get off their asses and help us with it!
Then right after that freaking cockroaches, ants and spiders! Like holy shit it's gross.
We've had our house completely clean and from all last year, no one got sprayed at all.

The bug problem is so bad, you can't sit down without a bug crawling on you

We had to throw out a damn couch, cockroaches were so bad.

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Well I lived here from 2011 until 2014 and it was the worst years of our lives Apt we lived in never had any bugs not until the fucking supers came in to look at afew problems I was having and after two days of him comming and going he brought bedbugs into my Apt and then we found cock riches just nasty and the more they sprayed other units on my floor the worse ate unit got bugs called head office they didn't do nothing just told me to move if I didn't like living there ask forlast months rent

was told nope iI called the rental board about this problem and they said they don't have to give me my last months rent back so we were screwed so what we did was moved out in Oct I didn't pay my Oct rent and took that money and pick down on last months rent on a new place and just moved out piss on them they don't tell u there building are infested with bugs before u move in don't they can go to hell there asshole we lived there 4 years and in thoses 4 years they went through 3 diffetant supers none of them did there job

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I have no date but I do know people who live in this building its sad to watch them have to toss out toys clothes furniture and other things. When people are sprayed for bedbugs and they leave you have more then before. I know someone who never had a single bug in their apartment once they were sprayed they were infested. The building is bad you have the S.W.A.T team police and ambulance there at least once a week because of a drug deal gone wrong or drug dealers. In 280 and 1040 there are pedof

iles living there. People have children they should not be allowed to live in the buildings I lived there 3 years ago and moved out with my boyfriend I lost everything I had to buy new clothes bedding beds everything I couldn't pack anything for fear of bringing them to my new home davport needs to step up do their job and find supers who know how to do their jobs not sit and cause problems. Peoples kids have been told they can't play in their own yards it's not right for children to be outside children should be cleaning houses it's BS if something isn't done I will make a formal complaint to davport and the city of Oshawa I have had it.

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Jan 7th, 2015. Building is in absolute crap condition due to lazy piece of shit filipino landlord. Stairs are covered in garbage, spit and piss. Encountered bugs/pests such as ants and cockroaches. People have written complaints but they're doing absolutely nothing and instead blaming the tenants for having "dirty apartments" which doesn't really make sense since nobody lives in the stairs except the occasional crackhead (which again they're doing nothing about).

Might I add that the landlor

d is a thief along with his balaclava-wearing filipino friends who have been spotted entering apartments without giving 24 hour notices and claiming they're technicians from a company the building hires which the landlord's brother runs. I highly suspect they are writing off receipts and committing fraud under the table. They need to be investigated immediately.

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On July 3, 2014 my family an I moved into this building. We have only lived in the building for a little over 4 months and it is destining. There is piss on the stairs they have closed all 3 stair cases off at least 3 times for "renovations" one of the elevators is constantly broken it is stupid. Also it is infested with ants, spiders, and cockroaches i have seen over 200 in 4 months WHY HAS SOMETHING NOT BEEN DONE. There is blood and snot on the walls. Something needs to be done and soon people

s lives are at risk. The building needs to be condemned or the supers need to do something about it. It once took them 3 weeks to clean up vomit from the carpet on the floor. little children and babies live in here it is putting peoples lives in danger. if something is not done soon a lot of people will get sick!!!!

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280 Wentworth, nasty lived there in an out for years... Cockroaches!!! Bedbugs!!! Farrow ants!! An the superintentets will kick you out steal your shit an band you so you don't see them with your stuff!! WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT MOVE IN THERE YOU WILL BE DOING YOUR SELF A FAVOR!! TRUST.

I moved into this building July 1st 2013 and was told my apartment had ZERO bugs.what a JOKE. I am infested with cockraches and I am getting bed bug bites despite me not actually seeing them. I feel like crying. How can building managers be allowed to lie about something that will costs thousands to fix not even to mention the mental health trauma from this frigging bug problem. HELP SOMEONE...city needs to shut this building down!

I am so fed up with living here!! its nuts. The bedbugs no matter how much you get sprayed they still come back! MY KIDS are getting bites every now and again!! Im done with this!! DONT MOVVVVEEE here i need to buy new belongings now due to this shit hole.

This is unbelievable for this place. Huge bedbug problems worse then ever not being reported because everyone is afraid of losing their apartments. The office manager is one of the biggest liars I've ever met, pay your rent she accidently gets one thing wrong and oops you haven't paid your rent when you can prove you have and no one wants to listen. We had great workers here now they are gone or leaving soon because they've had enough. Come on someone listen this needs to be cleaned up including

the office manager and dealt with fairly. If your thinking of moving here do not. A more expensive place is cheaper if you want to keep everything you own. Also don't expect any help from the property group they are worse, money money money is all they care about.

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my Apartment is also infestested with the bed bugs, also had mice problems last month. considering this place i have not had a problem till now as to everyone else whos been there i am very stressed over this knowing i cant go back to my apt. until it is sprayed. I have a room mate also whos very upset cause its taking a long time and is got to stay there cause hes been bit numerious times in one night.So now hes got to do all the work and i cant return cause hes infected to these bug. already h

es been bit twice from just one night. really its very discusting to know they left this too long. And now its become a plague thas spreading cause no one is really abiding the rules of treating this situation in cleanliness. my question is why was this left to the point where these critters are spreading throught durham what about children? schools?or any public places.Will other apartments except residents from these addresses that have been exsposed?

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I've had them last yr! and it was pretty bad but we got extermiated. Once i knew what they were we were right ontop of it. This again just now i got them again my daughter is getting bites all over her but we found at the most 11. People are getting sprayed they are on the move! BUT the people who aren't getting sprayed need to speak up US that don't want them have them because of LAZY people and if you are going to complain that you have them yet complain that you dont want to get spreyed thats

pathetic! Im so discusted i shouldnt be scared to go and sleep in my bed at night! another thing that makes me mad is when people throw out their belongings MAKE sure its wraped up as bed bugs fall on the carpet then comtaminate another apartment this is NON stop! I can't believe how much people are going through this. Honestly everyone should be forced to be sprayed! every time i see someone move in im like OMG they are in for a rude awaking.. ive lived her for 3 yrs and then the sec yr here we had them not fun but id rather not have them

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so now it july 2012 got a 24hr notice last thursday the bug man is coming. we where very suprise as we never had a problem in the 8months we live here. only for this notice it made me start looking around the house. starting at my 1yr old daughter grib. i was so so disgusted what a saw. her crib was absolutely loaded with bedbug i started crying. nowing i but my daughter in something like that is making me sick. my other 2 kids and wife has all kind of bites on them. i advise no one to move in t

his building it cheap rent for a reason. there solution to spary everything to save furniture. but honestly anyone with a brain would not put there kids in a bed or a grib that chemicals spary on it.when u move they dont tell u nothing untill after they have money in there hand and hearing it from other tenants who live here. every speak out but not me.

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Place is loaded, people always throwing out mattresses everyday and that is not an exaggeration. Go look in the dumpster now guaranteed there is two+. Exterminators in once a week yet the problem is persisting and people seem to ashamed to speak up about it.

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