175 Bloor St W
Oshawa, ON L1J

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I am the property manager for this location. I just found this report. I would have been nice for James to report the bed bugs to us the landlord instead of posting it on here. He gave his notice and moved out and left the bed bugs for the next tenant to deal with. Thankfully they reported them right away and we were able to treat the unit right away before they spread to another unit.
For any tenants reading this post....please report bed bugs to your landlord. We can only treat them if

we know about them.
We have now started inspecting each unit twice per year and installing bed bugs monitors in our units.

see full report...

Bed bugs appeared in bed, we have tried multiple times to get rid of them, cleaning out everything, but they just don't go away. I can barely sleep in my own bed!

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