1040 Cedar St
Oshawa, ON L1J

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It's been 3 years since we moved from that 1040 building and it has come to my attention that the supers are breaking in to tenants apartment police have been involved and supers have been cautioned by Durham regional police regarding break and enter

I told 1040 cedar in August that I had bed bugs it is now November and we threw away our Second bed because we are still waiting to be sprayed

Well we lived in the other building at 280 Wentworth owned by the same company and we moved out oct1 2014 because they they did nothing at all bed bugs everywhere running on the walls in the hallways puke and shit in the stairwells and pipes bursting and Apts getting flooded and they can't keep supers I lived there for 5 years and when I moved in our building had a great super but then they let her go which was.sad and wrong and then after that there had been well.they wwere on there 3td set of

supers pretty fucking sad

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I totally agree with the bug issue. Told management many times about bug issues with myself and with neighbours. Have heard through the grapevine that nothing is being done when tenants are not ready to be sprayed. Honestly, nastiest building I have ever lived in. If i could afford a nicer place in a better city I would have moved long ago! DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!! The entire apartment needs to be sprayed, not just individual apartments where the bugs can scurry to someones elses house!

the office manager dove her husband to take his own life how much nastier do you want
now she is driving the super to find a new job the best person this building has seen in 20 + years who will stop this see u next tuseday
get rid o the bitch


The office manager is a verry nasty person and gives the impression she is from a better part of society .
And if you value your possessions don't give them your money
You will end up throwing it all away because she won't do anything to assist with the bed bugs information
I am so discussed at the filth and dirty people
First time I ever seen a cockroach or bed bug

a ridiculous amount of bugs prepare to throw out all your shit if your move in here!:)

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