686 Dnipro Blvd
Oshawa, ON L1H

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this address did have bed bugs and I did report but for some reason is not on list. apt 8 at this address was infested, shortly after moving in with boyfriend in june my daughter was getting bites at first didnt know what was going on until she awoke screaming that there was a bug on her, i took bug off it was blood red and put it into jar, investgated and found the in all rooms but what was weird is only my daughter was affected by the bites because she has allergies to bug bite. we moved out i

n august because of it and had to throw out everything and start over. we had place fumigated before we left so that the few things we kept would be safe to move. landlord did nothing to help out situation or help pay for cost, since he has painted out side of building but its still the same bed bug haven.

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