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in middle of the summer ( june 2010)our youngest daughter started getting rashes and hives, we had her to several doctor that could not figure it out. we were told it was everything from alergies to scabies. we treated for everything and nothing helped, then one night she awoke to go to the bath room and started screaming for us. we went to see what the problem was and she had a bug stuck to her leg. we pulled it off put it in a bottle and i got on the internet and I was shocked it looked like a

bed bug but yet no one else in house seemed to be affected by it, sure we had a bite here and there but thought we got biten out side or it was fleas, we had been treating our cat for it because that was one of the doctors thoughts on why she had the rash and hives. when we futher investigated our apt we found more bugs hiding in mattress carpet, wall outlets so we called in an exterminator (Ryan voycey 1 888 799 7990 and he confirmed it was definitly bed bugs, we called our landlord several times but he refused to do any thing. On the 23 of aug we paid ryan to exterminate unit) we threw out all fabric furniture and have had to leave unit because of health issues it was causing our daughter.landlord has still failed to act on the information we gave him and refused to help other tenants to fix the problem. since we left our daughter mysterous rash has gone away and is a happy child again. during this time aswell i was being treated for an infection to my finger, it was broke and open flesh it got severly infected and i had to have surgery to fix it but again doctors could not figure out why the infection would not go away, i was on antibiotics for a month and still infection would not go away, since we left infection has cleared and im off the anti biotics. this experience has been a night mare and the cost has been enormous.we are not sure if we should just leave what we didnt throw out and start over, my email adress is essbrockman@hotmail.com if you have any questions

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