442 Simcoe St S
Oshawa, ON L1H

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I am still dealing with bedbugs. Though my landlord finally fumigated my apartment approximately 2 weeks ago, after being served with my reciprocal notice of hearing to force my landlords to have the building inspected and treated, I am still seeing bed bug adults and nymphs. There are ads on Kijiji for apartments in my building. AVOID TAKING ONE UNLESS YOU SEE MY POST SAYING I AM BED BUG FREE.

Update on previous report:
After informing my landlord of the problem, spending hundreds of dollars and many hours trying to eradicate the problem with steaming, washing, vaccuming, etc., instead of pest control, I was served with a Notice of Hearing in front of the Landlord Tenant Board, trying to evict me and make me cover the cost of fumigating the whole building. ($3500)

Found a bed bug in my apartment today. (Feb 16 2011) Have small itchy bites on my body. Many apartment buildings in the south Oshawa area have bedbug infestations, even if they aren't reporting them.

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