810 Edgeworth Ave
Ottawa, ON K2B

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My boyfriend and I lived in unit 512 together since around april 2014. In may 2014 I got bedbugs from staying in a hotel in Toronto. Around June the landlords began extermination through a third party company, which essentially consisted of applying dust twice. It did not work for our apartment and I ended up purchasing a commercial grade steam cleaner, throwing out beds and couches and exterminating myself. Around August the bed bugs were back, this time I caught them early because I knew the s

igns. However, dealing with bed bugs is extremely wearing psychologically and our relationship could not withstand the stress. I was the only one getting bitten so my boyfriend didn't care to help exterminating, and after fighting for a month we broke up and I moved out. As far as I know the bed bugs are still there and nobody is doing anything about it.

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