1440 Mayview Ave
Ottawa, ON K1Z

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Went today (12/17/2015) for an apartment viewing on the 6th floor and immediately noticed the cockroach sitting on the edge of the bathtub as soon as I walked in. The building manager basically pretended not to notice it. Please look elsewhere if you're looking for a place to call home!

Moved here in June 2015 noticed week later I had bites me and my daughter were treated for scabies meanwhile we were still getting bites. Found out weeks later it was bed bugs. Me and my daughter lost our new beds due to this. They only fumigated once. I did not pay my rent for August. They never mentioned anything to me about nasty bugs in the building.

Lived there from august 2014-october2014 when I found them infested in my bed. Plus cockroaches under the sinks. The bugs were everywhere. I found them at the beginning of October and basically couch hoped for the entire month of October until I could move Nov. 1st. Killam properities was the worst service I've ever dealt with. They accommodated nothing and were so unsympathetic it was unreal. Had to throwout almost all of my furniture including my 2000 dolled bed. Disgusting.

Bedbugs on 5th and 6th floor in September and October 2014. I left the place in the end of Oct.
They came out in the same time that other apt had the pest control and cleaning.

There was an unpleasant sweet and cinnamon smell from the air conditioning tunnels.
Cockroach were also there, probably traveling under the door and via air conditioning tunnels.

It's the killam prop. building, the cheap one.

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