257 York St
Ottawa, ON K1N

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My wife and i moved in and shortly after she started getting a rash and what we thought where hives after a couple weeks it seemed to go away then after our son was born it started again when we were cleaning up we noticed bugs and looked them up. The landlord was pretty quick to get the pest guy in and we got sprayed... Were getting a follow up after christmas to spray again hope it takes

I have lived in the building for many years now and remember a couple of years ago when I had a bed bug issue the landlord responded very quickly to my complaint. No issues since.

I have been living at 257 York for some time now and have not had any problems. The landlord gets the building fumigated once a month, and gets them in sooner if any problems do arise. I am totally satisfied with this apartment.

had them fumigate twice...nothing since.

I am currently at 257 york as well and had [hopefully HAD] bed bugs. :@

Regionex has sprayed 2 weeks ago and apparently it takes all of ONE month for it to take full effect. They are also doing a follow up in 2 weeks.

I have spent ALOT of $$$ and TIME because of this issue.
I have done everything I can to try and eliminate this infestation and am REALLY hoping it will be resolved in two weeks.

We are very clean tenants [ probably one of the cleanest in this building! :\ ]


ays...keep you posted on this matter. *le sigh*

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Don't pay Cote Pest Solutions to spray your unit, the guy takes all of 2 minutes and is really unprofessional. He's a real jerk.

We started noticing blood stains on our mattress in November but had no idea what it was so we ignored it. I started getting rashes on my arms and my boyfriend thought I was developing allergies. One morning after seeing particularly red blood stains, we took the bed apart to see what could possibly be the problem. It was then that we found bugs in the sheets and looked them up on the internet.

There are multiple apartments on this floor that also have bed bugs. The landlord sent pest control

once, but there are still bugs. We're looking into moving out.

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