135 York St
Ottawa, ON K1N

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I believe this is a sincere plea to landlords everywhere:
The apartment building bedbug problem again should be addressed immediately, with bedbug search dogs being brought in with the specialists to find and destroy all the bedbugs in the whole building as the bedbugs continue to move back and forth between apartments via by persons or through the walls, etc. The residents should be accommodated for this problem, all moved out if the problem can never be eradicated, to another bedbug free loca

tion. No one also wants these bugs to be spread to their homes and apartments by the residents who live here. And the company in charge of the building who is renting to the residents should be accountable for this ongoing problem, and should be sued if nothing is done to get rid of the problem. The building is indeed old and it may be time to tear it down to build a new residence for the current tenants like they have done to another building on Booth Street.

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gotcha! on 04/02/2011

135 York St and 145 York street are the same building owned by Timbercreek, with the same super intendant, Caesar Gray. Read all the posts for 145 York. The address is different, because years ago there were offices on the 2nd floor, which were converted into apartments. They are advertising their apartments as 135 because of all the bedbug reports, and 145 York comes-up when you google it, but 135 doesn't. Smart, but really sneaky. Good one, Timbercreek.

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