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It all started back at in August 2012 when we found a note on our door saying someone on our floor had evidence of bedbugs. It said that we will get preventative maintenance done in our apartment so that they don't contaminate us. We were happy with this and moved all our furniture, removed the wall plates, and did everything the letter asked us.

We thought we would of been alright after the preventative maintenance since they said nothing was found. But a week after, my girlfriend and I star

ted getting itchy at night and having a few little bites all over us.

We told management about this, he simply told us another exterminator will come in a few days to take a look. So we also put ALL our clothes in the dryer, cleaned up everything so that it was spotless, and did everything that our research on the internet told us to do in the meantime. While doing this, we found that there were little black dots on a pillow that my girlfriend was using. Out of fear it was contaminated, we threw out the pillow.

A few days later, we were told by the exterminator was again not able to find any evidence of bedbugs, so the landlord would not pay for treatment (no one told us not to throw out evidence we found beforehand...)

So we decided to try and tough it out another week hoping whatever was there would just die. But both the bites and itchiness were just getting worse. Again, we went to the management and said we have bedbugs and we need treatment, but we were simply told again that they can just do another inspection in about a week.

At this point, we simply wanted to be able to live comfortably in our apartment again and we were sick of it, so we decided to just tell management that we will get the treatment ourselves without having to wait for another inspection.

Upon doing the treatment, we were told that they did find a live bedbug in our room... I then called the manager asking to pay for the treatment they should have done in the first place since there is finally evidence. I was told they will pay for the treatment and I simply need to show them the invoice, which I did.

So a month went by after this, and we still have not received a reimbursement for the treatment. We are told they they are still attempting to communicate with the extermination company. So there is very poor communication.

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