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Why the hell isnt this "Bedbug Becky" and the apartments being sued? They are causing and epidemic of bedbug attacks on innocent people! Its spreading all over Oklahoma! And she probably brought them to the apartment from her house. All you tenants need to contact a lawyer you have every right to sue this place and make them pay your lawyer cost! I wish you all good luck!

I have lived at "Stonegate" apartments for a year. I have reports going back been having bites for a couple months and noticed bed bugs. I tried to treat myself but it didn't help. I contacted the office and they said they weren't there before me so me or my kids must have brought them in. Funny I see reports going back 6 years. Just because you change the name and add a little paint doesn't change the setting. They live in the walls and can move from apartment to apartment. I can't wait to mo


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My fiancée and I both moved to stonegate and they still hae bed bugs. We have been here 3 months. Yes it is the cheapest place with all bills paid. I'm getting tired of it. We are going o court for rent and I'm going to ask the judge for and escrow account.

I work at dollar general by forty north and i know for a fact that bedbugs have takin over forty north apts.I have seen the beds and couches people have to throw away. Even though that doesnt help the problem cuz the apts are infested. I have met people who shop at DG that moved from other states into forty north because its cheap/bills paid, but yet they have NO CLUE. Also i have met the owner BECKY./REAL HATEFUL woman. Word is she makes the mexicans pay 4x the amount rent then a regular tenent

s.Is that because they are illegal or what???? No offence but a pest control guy told me the illegals brought the bedbugs to forty.IDK though. well if you live at forty and have bed bugs your best bet is to bag all your important stuff leave your furniture and RUN. DONT SPREAD BEDBUGS leave them at forty. STOP moving into forty north people.

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My fiance just moved out of this apartment complex and his apartment and several of his neighbors apartments were completely infested with bed bugs. They would have clumps of the bedbugs at a time. People throw out furniture daily and unknowing others pick it up. April 2012

In July of 2009, I moved into Apt. F35 with my mom when i came back from Kansas. My brother was moving out bcuz his girlfriend and baby were being "eaten alive" by bed bugs. My mom and I weren't having any bites or any signs of bedbugs and when my brother moved all his stuff out we started having a problem with them. The exterminator said that they were only in his room and had migrated to our living room and the second bedroom (my moms bedroom) bcuz nobody was in my brothers bedroom bcuz i slep

t in the living room. We talked to the manager of Forty North and they said they have never ever had a problem with bedbugs in the past so there was no way it could be bedbugs. I kept a few in a ziploc bag and took them up there to show them that they were bedbugs. After i took them up there they finally admitted and told us that they have been having and epidemic of bedbug infestations. So we stayed there one more month so we could switch to another apartment. We still live at Forty North and have lived in our current apartment for over a year and havent had a single problem with bedbugs since. You just cant trust the management at Forty North!!!

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4/2010 - 8/2010

We have been living in 40 North for several months now. At first, it looked like we were just breaking out in acne on our backs and legs. That was until one night I woke up and turned on the light only to discover several bed bugs crawling up the wall and also in my bed. I reported this to the front office and they said that there are no bed bugs in 40 North so it must have been brought in by me. This can not be true as I have never had them until I moved here. They sent

out an exterminator who supposidly sprayed my apartment even though it only took him 5 minutes. He told me that I could not go back in for 2 hours. He then told me that he had 8 other apartments in the complex to spray that day for bed bugs before he could go back to Oklahoma City. That made it clear to me that the office had lied to me (the manager Becky is who was giving me the hard time about it in the first place). I asked him if he remembered doing my apartment in the past and he told me he could not say but that he has been to this complex every other week for the past several years spraying apartments for bed bugs. After I promised him I would not tell the office, he told me that my new apartment had been sprayed many many times in the past.

Evidentally, this is a major issue at 40 North, but they do not want others to know about it. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!

My apartment has been sprayed 5 times now and I just found another one in my living room, so I guess I will get sprayed again....

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I use to live in Apt. L16 and had no noticable signs or problems with bed bugs. I lived there for over a year. Then I moved to K8 and now I have bed bugs. The apartment has been sprayed professionally several months ago and we still have bed bugs. Unfortunately I haven't been writing down dates, chemicals used, or really any information. From here on our, I will be keeping a detailed journal of what is going on. It would have been nice to have warning that this building had a bed bug infestation


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In December 08 I lived in Apartment E-2. I was getting bug bites on my feet, legs, hands, neck and face. I do have a cat and I had been battling fleas, so I assumed they were flea bites. I then fogged my apartment, made sure the cat was flea free but was still getting bitten. This went on for three months. One evening I went to put a night shirt on and something bit me, I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and found a bug. I grabbed it with tissue and put it in a sealed plastic b

aggie. The next day I looked it up on the internet and sure enuff it was a beg bug. I reported it to the office and was told an exterminator would be out, but they did not believe it was bed bugs. I even gave them the bug in the baggie. I was told spraying only once would take care of the problem. It didn't. It got so bad, I could not sleep in my apartment anymore. I moved out in February of 09 and continued to pay rent until May when my lease was up. I had to get rid of everything, bed, bedding, dressers, couch, anything that had material or wooden. They still deny that Forty North has a bed bug problem.

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This morning I observed my neighbor (Apt. I-19) moving there bed into the hallway. I asked them had they been getting bit? They said yes. We talk about them having bedbugs. I informed them that I had bedbugs in my apartment I-21 and had been dealing with management about the problem and that the exterminator was going to spray again on Monday (2-16-2009). Betty informed me that other people she knows that live out here have bedbugs also. these other people she was talking about do not even

live in the same building that we do!! The management told me when I complained that they did not have a problem in this complex and they continue to rent apartments to unsuspecting tenants. I was mad before because management tried to down play the problem...now I am ENRAGED because she (Becky, the manager) lied to me. They knew and have known about this problem long before I reported it to the office. Signed Tenant TMC (Apt. I-19)

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I moved into an apartment building a few months ago. The first few days of being there I noticed what I thought was ticks in my bathtub so I bought some flea and tick spray and sprayed my apartment with it. I informed the management of the problem. After a week or so of living here the sent an exterminator to exterminate the whole complex saying people were complaining of spider bites. Over these past few months I have been awakened at night itching terribly and have bites all over me (on my fac

e, neck, between my fingers and toes, on my back, arms (especially my elbows), my knees and my feet. I thought I had had an allergic reaction to a transfusion that I had but was check by a doctor who ruled that out. I was given prednisone and other anti-itch medication and was told it was probably an unknown allergic reaction to something and sent home. The marks have continued to show up for months. I could not sleep because of the constant itching and burning from the sores all over my body. On, 1/17/2009, I was surfing the net and came across some pictures of bed bug bites and noticed how similiar they were to my bites. My husband shows no syptoms. My husband and I went into the bedroom and checked the mattresses and behold there the little blood suckers were. I was horrified. I’m itchng now thinking about them. I have never seen a bed bug nor had a bed bug bite in my life until now. My skin looks horrible. We looked for some treatments on the internet and purchased some Neem oil and Diatomaceous Earth to do some immediate treatment. As soon as I sprayed the Neem oil mix, they began to run. I captured some and placed them in a zip lock bag to show to my landlord. I sprayed my livingroom and my sofa the carpet and but the DE powder underneath the sofa and the bed and around the cracks of the walls. I, sprayed my clothes with the Neem oil mix. I sat up all night in a chair with my feet propped up, afraid to go to sleep. I have been being eaten alive for three months and now I know how and by what. I wonder if the bed bugs were what was the cause of the supposed “spider bites” that the complex was exterminated for when I first moved in? On 1/19/2009 I spoke with management in the complex I live in about my discovery of bedbugs in my apartment. I had several bugs in a zip lock bag and showed them to the people in the office. The manager said she did not want to see them because she believed me. The secretary told me that pest control just happened to be coming to the complex today?! She gave me some notice about treatment for bed bugs (surprise). I asked the secretary was there an infestation in the complex because since I have been here I have noticed a lot of mattresses being discarded in the dumpsters. The manager became offensive and asked me where I got my mattress and furniture from? I told her I had it prior to moving in and had never seen a bedbug nor had any problems prior to moving here. She told me that I needed to calm down to which I replied if she had been dealing with this situation she would be upset too. Why is the pest control coming to spray if there is not a problem? Should management have informed us of the problem prior to our moving in? What are my legal rights if there was a prior infestation and I (we) were not informed? I find it too much of a coincidence that pest control just happened to be coming today and I was immediately going to have my apartment treated. What good is it going to do to treat my apartment and not the others in my unit? I reported that I had what I thought were ticks when we first moved in and I treated my apartment for them myself. Turns out they were bedbugs. I am very perturbed. I reported this at 10 am this morning. Pest control has not showed up yet. It is now almost 2 pm in the afternoon. I'm wondering how I can find out if there was a problem prior to my moving in? The exterminator finally showed up but was unable to spray because he said we had to wash all clothing and pack all items in plasic bags, move all furniture into center of rooms before he could spray!? So we schedule for him to come on 1/26/2009 to spray. It took us several days to prepare for the BB exterminator. I had to vacuum everything...floors, furniture. We spent almost $100 washing all our clothes and linens. We had to bag all these items in plastic bags and plastic tubs prior to our apartment being sprayed. It was very exhausting packing everything up...it was like packing for moving (very time-consuming). The exterminator came on Monday 1/26/2009 to spray our apartment. I had to leave for two hours while he sprayed. When I returned I could smell a slight chemical odor. I was very hopeful that I would finally get a good nights sleep!? That night, I made our bed and waited several hours before deciding to go to bed. I went into the bedroom and pulled back the covers and there they were! It was just a few bugs but one is too much for me. Back to the office chair I go. I have been sleeping in an office chair in my living room for weeks now with my feet propped up in another chair. I am exhausted. I decided not to panic but give the extermination time to take effect. It is now Friday 1/30/2009 and this morning, my husband who still sleeps in the bed because he has no reaction to the BB bites woke up with blood on his white t-shirt and a dead bug on the bed underneath him. I WAS planning on sleeping in my bed this week-end...that bug dashed all my hopes for a good night's sleep. I want to cry. This is so frustrating. We are living like homeless people with our belongings in plastic bags and tubs...can't sleep in our bed....BEDBUGS...can't sleep on the couch...BEDBUGS!! I don't know what to do! (I have posted these comments on another website. This is a compilation of those comments on different days.)

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