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This is the same person who wrote below. It's been over two months now and I have not been bitten a single time anymore. The DE was definitely the best method for extermination. After the initial week that I had it sprayed down, I started to see no evidence of any of them in the apartment. I kept the layer down until just yesterday...figured I'd leave it over break.
I'll probably leave the dust in some key areas in the corners of the room and on my bed frame to continue to have a barrier whil

e I'm living here. I just saw another mattress in our dumpster today, so I'm sure the bed bugs are still in the building.

Word of advice to everyone is to buy some diatomaceous earth, it only cost $10 off the internet and you don't need to spray that much of it at all. Also, I would recommend mattress and box spring encasements.
Good luck to everyone out there!

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This is the same person from before. An update to the situation.
I've had an exterminator out three times in the past two weeks ($150 per visit), I don't believe his spray is effective on the bugs because I've seen them walk all over it and not die. I went and bought a $35 steamer and that actually worked well. I found a couple of them bunched together in my room and the steam killed on contact. However, I was still getting bitten even though I hit the whole apt with the steam and had the

I bought some diatomaceous earth and spray a thin coating everywhere around the apt. I look like a cocaine addict or something cause it's all over, but this stuff has been super effective. I haven't been bitten for three nights now. I know they're still out there though cause I can see their tracks in the dust on the floor. I found a bug on the wall the other day covered in the powder and he was pretty much dead. I'm hoping this might be the final smack down to finish them once and for all, I will post again in a few weeks.
From the tracks, I gather evidence that the bugs are hiding within the walls. Still not sure if anyone else in the building has them, but like myself, I'm sure they're keeping it hush, hush for fear of becoming an outcast.
Also, my exterminator says he does something like a dozen jobs a day in the university area alone. If you're getting an apartment in Clifton, make sure you ask the landlord!!

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2805 Digby
I just moved in about two weeks ago. Brought in brand new furniture to a single bedroom apt on top floor. Started noticing bites within two days of moving in. Finally found one of the bastards a week later crawling under my sheets. Tried calling the landlord but no response. Got an exterminator out and washed everything and vacuumed everything. Its been three days since and I've been bitten maybe four times since. Hoping to get this fixed but not very confident. I don't think

they're coming from my room because I still haven't found any droppings anywhere and I don't seem to get biten all that often. I think they have to be coming from somewhere else.
Never thought this would happen to me. Started noticing people in my classes with bite marks on their arms too, so I know I'm not alone. I seriously think they're probably all over UC. It's time for some serious intervention!

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