507 Lowell Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220

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We live in apartment 2. We started to notice weird bites. At first we thought it was just a rash, but it kept happening we looked some stuff up on the internet and found out they were bed bug. At first we thought we could take care if it ourselves. This did not work well. Eventually called the landlord and got and exterminator to come out. They came out twice and they seemed to be gone. Later on we found out the neighbor next to him had an extreme problem. Most likely they were crawling

over from his. This occurred at around January 2007. Last week we heard someone moving out that just moved in a week ago. We asked why to find out there were bed bugs. This is the top floor. Currently we are going to move out and find a new building before they spread again. This was 507 Lowell, Cincinnati, OH 45220.

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