4530 W Broad St
Columbus, OH 43228-1644

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Found bed bugs last night at 1 am and hotel staff disnt seem surprised left and drove home 2 hours to cleveland at 2 am - dont stay here nasty!!!!!!

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn on 4530 West Broad Street in Columbus OH on 11/15/12 to 11/18/12 and there were bed bugs in the rooms. I didn't have them in my room that I know of but I had two friends that were in different rooms and I was in my friends room and I found a bed bug crawling on her bed and put it on a paper and took it to the front desk. They told me that they did not have bed bugs but I told her that I googled bed bug photos and this was for sure a bed bug. She offered to put my fr

iends in another room. I asked what makes her think that another room does not have bed bugs. Her response was "Yes we do have rooms that are for certain bed bug free." So I told her "then you were not telling me the truth before when you said that your hotel does not have bed bugs?".

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