1665 Woodbine St
Ridgewood, NY 11385-3546

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I lived at 1665 Woodbine St in 2008 for almost 2 years and the lower floor apts. started to take out their mattresses to the yard and then they sprayed in the lower apartments some strong chemicals, when I asked if they had any bedbugs they denied it. Then the upper floors did the same and they replaced all mattresses but denied having bedbugs. Then the whole building had them, including us. But landlord did not take any action and 1st floor tenants got aggressive because I complained with landl

ord about excessive spraying (my kids had headache in the night) and wrong action against the bedbugs (they dragged all the furniture through the hallways). Before I moved out one of their brothers that lives somewhere in Brooklyn punched my face and I had to go to neurological therapy for a year. So far our story with the bedbugs, almost lost my life because people hide the infestation instead of fighting it.

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All started in the first floor apartments of a three story building. The first floor started surreptitious to put the mattress in the backyard, but they denied bedbugs. After few weeks all the upper floors had bedbugs. It's important to kill them in the right way in the first place. If you start moving furniture and beds through the hallways, you are spreading the bugs to the whole building.

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