1670 Gates Ave
Ridgewood, NY 11385-2746

Found 2 reports:

The landlord of 1670 Gates responded swiftly to the problem, paying for an exterminator to treat our apt.

The exterminator said our prisoner was, yes, a bedbug, but he found signs of no others in the apt.

Happily ever after?

On 11/27/2010 my husband and I found one adult bedbug on our bed. We incarcerated him in a jar (the bedbug chokey). Upon further search, we found a smaller molted exoskeleton on top of a suitcase under the bed. We caught this on a piece of scotch tape. We bought and sprayed pesticide; wrapped some of our belongings in plastic and discarded others; and washed and dried our bedclothes & other laundry.

On 11/30/2010, I alerted our neighbors via flyers taped to doors.

On 12/1/2010, I contacted

our extermination company and found our bldg's mgmt co's account was on hold with the extermination co., and no exterminator was scheduled to visit. I contacted our landlord about this.

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