301 St Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 11385-2137

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Apartment 66
Bugs were discovered on 6/22/15. I apologize to the person below if we gave them to you. We had a similar experience where we contacted management, and they did not do anything about it. We had to arrange for our own exterminator and have still not been reimbursed.

Looks like they were gone for a while but they're back, kids! I live in a sixth floor apartment and discovered them in one of the bedrooms of my apartment last morning. I am also amazed by Newcastle Realty Group's absolute lack of initiative to do anything about the problem. I had to call and arrange for an exterminator because they would not get one in time. I will send the bill to mgmt and see if they pay... will keep you posted.

I've lived in this building on the 3rd floor for over 5 years- i heard from the super and other tenants (and this site) that there were bedbugs in the building..it didnt come as a terrible surprise being that a) its new york and the city is infested and b) the building is above the subway..thats said, i have taken extreme precautions and have literally never seen or felt a bedbug presence...this site is deceptive because people think if they are in an apt in the building they are everywhere- not

the case!!

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I'm a 3rd floor apartment tenant and in May 2011 we had an issue finding a couple dead bugs underneath my mattress after a few bites I got on my ankle. I was about to jump ship and look for another aparmtent but I will say that the landlord got an exterminator in immedietley and sprayed the place down.. Have not seen or felt one bug since or else I would be out the door.

Also the Old Navy down the street aparently had a problem too. i would also steer clear of ANY movie theater in NYC. The

city is crawling with them unless you have a good landlord. YUCK

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Just found this site, fantastic idea! Bed bug were found alive and biting away on the 24th of June 2011 on the second floor, at 287 Saint Nicholas Ave. An exterminator came on Monday the 27th, did a complete one time job on the second floor, and did a precautionary spray on the first floor, where I live. I have yet to see a single b-bug, but I went crazy, caulking every crack and crevice. I think the guys upstairs thought I was nuts, but I have friends with BAD b-bugs, at trendy 189 Bedford Ave,

that just won't go away! I haven't heard a word about any more upstairs at 287 St Nicholas, but I'm bracing myself.

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There are absolutely bed bugs in the apartment building at 301 St. Nicholas Ave.!!! Be warned!!!

I moved into an apt. on the 4th floor a couple months ago (subletting) and the 'lovely ladies' I'm rooming w/ failed to tell me that they were battling bed bugs! In fact, I learned from the exterminator HIMSELF that not only did the previous tenant of my room encounter them but the entire floor is having issues w/ bed bugs. I'd just steer clear from the building altogether as bed bugs can travel t

hrough walls i.e. up/down/side to side.

So now I have to move again but not w/ out heat treating, steaming, washing, and dry cleaning ALL my clothes(I now have a $450 dry cleaning bill- thanks ladies!!) and keeping everything 'quarantined' until I get to my new place as to keep them dead, gone forever, and not traveling w/ me to my next location.

Note: The landlord has done a fine job handling the situation (attentive, sends the exterminator out who comes in a very timely fashion) but the person I sublet from completely lied about the fact that they had bed bugs after I confronted said person (though, again, the exterminator told me they definetely have this problem and I ALSO came across a receipt for extermination services in the beginning of April saying that my bedroom had 'live bed bugs' and sprayed throughout the entire apt. to treat them).

Good luck on your apt./home search but steer clear from the 4th fl./this building. AHHH!!!!!

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