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This report is in regards to the 669 Classon Avenue building. A 3 story building, with one apartment on each floor. I live on the 3rd (top floor) where it gets really hot in the summer - last September when I moved in, and it was still hot outside, I started getting the bites... and here my bug story begins...

Since September of 2011 bites started appearing on my legs (right above my knees), arms, neck and face. I remember starting scratching them in the morning, when they would be just ti

ny red spots (always 3 about 1-2 inches from each other). By night they would get so big, all bites would merge into one gigantic welt, that my leg would alomst be deformed, and would burn and itch like crazy. I thought I had some severe mosquito allergy. I suspected bed bugs, and an exterminator found a small nest of baby bugs (cute! lol) on the frame of my bed. He sprayed the room. My roommmates didn't even want to get their rooms checked. They didn't care... they hid in their rooms saying that they never had bedbugs, they didn't get bitten, and that if there are bedbugs in the apt I brought them. Anyway, after a month the bed bugs returned. I didn't see them, but I started getting bites again. I didn't see them, but I reacted to them with pretty strong allergic reactions. Now in the winter, I still get bit, so yeah they cannot be mosquitos!!

The building doesn't really have a super. My roommate pays the rent by mail to the "landlord" that doesn't really come by and is not really responsive to any issues we might have. So there is noone to complain to.

I got another exterminator to check the place last week, and this time with a dog. The dog had a positive hit in my room. I told my roommates I was going to move out but they didn't say anything, they just started to look for another person to take my room. On the other hand, my roommate sleeps with a fan on top of his head at night so that the bugs don't bit him on his face. They also had a mouse for a few months after I've moved in that they never told me about. I had to get a trap to get rid fo him... looks like he disappeared. Gross!!! OMG I can't wait to get the hell out of there.

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