152 Gates Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
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The tenant above lived here for 2 years. Her apartment was inspected by a licensed exterminator and no bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs was found. This tenant also extorted money from our neighbors and various contractors for "missing" items from her apartment - although she never filed a police report.

Ugh. This is my third year living here, and who knows how long they've been here, but I only started getting bitten this summer. I am often in Prospect Park and get bit by mosquitoes, so I didn't realize that I was being munched on at home as well. One day I saw one (red, too, having fed recently, I guess) on my bed, then I started seeing them in my study. Exterminator just came, hoping it will be effective. Of course I am living in a plastic bag hell and can hardly move around my apartment

to do the freaking vacuuming that you're supposed to do. Once they are eradicated I am going to seal the bloody f--k out of all the crevices with silicone.

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