263 Eastern Pky
Brooklyn, NY 11238-6301

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Bedbugs have been spotted crawling on kitchen walls, have been spotted inside bathroom sinks, which means there are bedbugs crawling through the walls from apartment to apartment. A lot of tenants in the building are aware that a while back an apartment was being treated for bedbugs but no one in the building was informed on paper of this issue. If you treat one apartment for bedbugs, all that happens in that the treatment forces the bedbugs to find refuge by travelling to a next door neighbor u

pstairs, downstairs, or where ever they can find to avoid being killed. Bedbugs have been spotted crawling up walls in the kitchen, found in the bathroom sink, found on bathroom walls, which means they have scattered from somewhere to inhabit other apartments. We suggest Michelin Partner LLC / Eiges & Eiges Management Co. Ramon De la Cruz, Deborah Cooper hire a Pest Control company that provides a bedbug sniffing dog to go into each apartment and determine where throughout the building the bedbugs have spread. Once detected, each apartment should be promptly treated as should any and every apartment next to it. This is a huge matter that needs to be taken care of ASAP! Your Building 263 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY HAS BEDBUGS. New tenants paying $3200 a month in rent should in no way be subjected to the possibility of having an infestation in their apartment.

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There's a bed bug problem in the building and no one is reporting it. A next door neighbor admitted having a problem . If it gets reported the landlord should have the responsibility of informing the WHOLE building and paying the building exterminator to treat all apartments.

We saw one on the wall and another on the floor. The bugs are looking for places to breed and start multiplying. How do we get help for the building and get ALL apartments treated? If one or two were seen that means ther

e are plenty more scattered in the building and looking to infest. It's not fair to hide it when extermination in done in the building once a month. Management should inform tenants this is happening and require extermination in EVERY apt.

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