411 Saint Johns Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-5201

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In June of 2010, we had our apartment treated for bed bugs. Nine months later they returned and Sandy, the landlord, refused to pay for a second treatment. For the most part he was a fairly responsive landlord while we lived here. In this instance, however, we found him to be negligent in his duties as defined by New York state law.

Given Sandy’s apparent denial to deal with the very real bed bug issue in his building, I would not recommend moving here.

If you didn’t have be

g bugs when you move in, it’s likely you will have them when you move out.

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We were infested twice within a year. I ended up moving out after the second extermination.

I have no confidence that the landlord, Sandy Negger,treated the building responsibly. He told me after the second treatment, as we were moving out, that they'd inspected the whole building and found nothing. I asked: So that includes the apartment across the hall? He said: No. In other words: he dissembles when it's convenient for him.

That apartment was never inspected, and, during both of

our infestations, the bugs appeared first in the room that shares a wall with it.

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