415 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-1804

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I contacted Jonas Equities the management company of the building when I started to see suspicious marks on my children sometime in December 2010. I started to research what bedbug bites looked like and concluded that these marks was coming from them. Management didn't respond immediately telling me there were no previous reports of bedbugs in the building and that the marks may just be spider bites. Paranoid and now on alert, I started waking up at random times at night until I was finally a

ble to see a live bug. I killed it and then put it in a ziploc bag so that they can send somebody out. They sent an exterminating company that didn't seem to have too much experience with the matter as they didn't take the proper precaution to exterminate the apartment below and adjecent to mine. They must have came out about 4 times before the problem was erradicated around July 2011. So I was dealing with this problem from Dec 2010 to July 2011!!!!! I was urging management to get steam treatment for the whole building which has been documented as the most effective way to kill infestation, but of course they would rather choose the least expensive way to address the problem, hence the continuing reports of bedbugs. I suggest that we collectively get together as tenants and go to housing court and file a report so that the judge can order them to get an effective treatment for the WHOLE building not just selected apartments.

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Apartment 33 has bedbugs. I am currently in the apartment and our apartment has been treated twice from a PCO, clothing and bedding has been washed and dried on high heat, we have encased our mattresses and have NOT thrown them away or anything that once had bedbugs unsealed in the building (as many people seem to be doing in this building in our common areas), we have climb ups on the sofa and bed. The bedbugs have been found in bedroom, living room and kitchen. However, I do not believe I have

every been bitten by a bed bug. After I saw the signs from the tennants on the 5th floor who moved out due to bed bugs, I immediately washed everything in my bedroom and encased the mattress, later the box spring. I changed my sheets one day after being away for the weekend and noticed a bug crawling under the sheet on top of the mattress case. I knew this was the beginning. The PCO came 4 days later for the first treatment and since then I have been reading everything I can and do everything I can to prevent this infestation, which is light, to become any worse. We plan to move as soon as we are bed bug free.

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I also live in 415 Washington Ave. Unfortunately the landlords have not take taken the appropriate precautions of informing neighbors of infested apartments. We are forced to rely on rumor and gossip. Evidently, there are many infested apartments in our moderate-sized apartment building. This WAS a lovely place to live. Not anymore!!!!!

The building management only informed us after a tenant put signs all over the building. Even then, the landlord's information was very general and they

did not inform direct neighbors of the specific infestations- never mind having the neighboring apartments exterminated. Because of the way the problem is (not) being treated, this issue will probably continue on at this building for years :-(

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I saw a live bedbug in my apt a few weeks ago. Landlord sent exterminator who said we don't have any. None of us had bites. Fast forward to now. We're covered with bites. Landlord sending same company to treat. Found out 2 neighbors in my bldg have bugs, but no one said anything!

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