464 Clinton Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-1602

Found 3 reports:

Found a bedbug last Saturday on the bed. I thought I was bitten by mosquitoes. There are no bedbugs on bed flame, edge or under the bed etc. I was bitten right side of my body a lot, so they are from the wall? This was first time but seems like another rooms has problems, then entire building should be treated...

Got bed bugs the first time Feb 2011 had exterminator treat, got bed bugs a second time June 2011 had exterminator treat, got bedbugs third time in Sept 2011 hopefully this is the last time (threw out my bed).

I just read someone else in the building had them on this site, however no one is reporting this to the super or the owner of the building. If anyone else in the building is getting bitten please tell the super and call the building as no one else is getting an exterminator at their a

partment. The building should take care of the cost of it.

see full report...

Being bitten at night, bites are in rows of 3 or 4. Cannot find the bugs or any traces of them anywhere, driving me nuts.

No nearby bug reports