352 Lafayette Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-1311

Found 4 reports:

1a is infested with rats and mites and beg bugs. Worst management, shifty u trustful money hungry slumlords. Clinton hill homes llc is a horrible company to work with.

We lived here on the 4th floor for more then 2 yrs and there is no bug issue

we are always clean and we never had no bugs at all

i live in 352 laffaytte ave for over 3 years sam is the best landlord always on time and available for 24 hr. also joe is very nice and cool guy always answers on phone calls treated me like a king so i give heads up for this management. regarding the bed bugs. there waas once only in 4D FOR THE REASON THIS DUDE ALWAYS BROUGHT FURNITURE FROM THE ST WHICH CAN BE INFESTED clinton hill management took care of it and 4d moved out. no issues anymore since then

Apartment 4D has bedbugs! It's managed by Clinton Homes, LLC, probably one of the worst management companies in Brooklyn. Do not rent from them or live in this building.

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