79 Clifton Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11238-1301

Found 2 reports:

Our friends complained about being bitten by something only to find out that there were bed bugs in their apartment. Clearly there is a problem in this building. Just like everything else the management company tries to place Band Aids on Gunshot wounds. Forget about the hundreds of other violations and incompetent hog wash in the building, bed bugs are creepy!

A friend on the 4th floor started to get bit around June 2010. I came over to her apt and helped her search and we found a few shells of bed bugs. After that, i helped her put all her clothing and linens through the washer and dryer. when we pulled out the lint traps, sure enough we found more shells and dead bugs. The managers of the building had exterminators come in and spray. Since then no more bugs have been found.

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