309 Lafayette Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238-1212

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We live across the way at 333 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn. We share the same story. A women mistakenly brought them home with her from one of her clients homes and it has been spreading throughout the building. Like your manager, our incompetent manager has neglected to inform or advise the tenants as well. The board has taken no pro-active stance either. It's purely a coincidence that the floor just happens to be the same but the line is different - 20M, 19M. It has spread to the 11th floor a

s well as the 7th floor through the basement and laundry room. Thanks for the info. I had no idea.

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In July 2009 when I reported to the building manager that I saw and had been bitten by bedbugs, in my apartment 19C, she told me that the tenant directly above me, in apartment 20C, brought bedbugs into the building in 11/2008. The manager failed to notify me and the board of directors of the bed bug infestation, in 11/2008, in apartment 20C directly above me. As a result of her neglgence, the bed bug infestation spread from apartment 20C to 19C and I had to discard the bed bug infested box spri

ng, mattress, mattress cover and five pillows.

The manager's mishandling of the bed bug infestation in apartment 20C prevented me from taking proactive action to protect my person and property in apartment 19C and has compromised the entire building.

To-date, neither building management nor the board of directors has notified the more than 320 tenants of this high rise about what to look for or how to avoid bed bug infestation.

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