432 Bleecker Street
New York City, NY 11237

Found 2 reports:

I am the landlord of this building and have proof from a licensed exterminator that the bed bug was found in the tenants bed and NO infestation found throughout the building. I have had the extermination comes 2 other times and NO infestation found. The mattress out front was just a mattress that was thrown out by another tenant because a new mattress was purchased not because there was any infestation. By NYC law all mattresses that are thrown out MUST be completely covered in plastic and this

is exactly how the mattress was thrown out.

see full report...

I lived here for a short time and luckily only encountered one bedbug that unfortunately traveled with me to my new location. After discovering this I found out that my old roommate had a full on infestation in her bed and our neighbors had been seeing them crawling down their walls. This apartment was treated quickly. Since then, there has been an infested mattress in the trash out front and it has been discovered that the building has bad problems for years.

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