Menahan St
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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Moved in 277 in July of 2010. By September we were infested. We moved in with all new appliances, brand new beds EVERYTHING was new. We have been living out of bags since then. I reported it to my landlord who has paid for a pest control compamy to spray. It was a week ago for the 3rd spraying. Only after we reported it did my landlord disclose that 4 apartments in the building previously reported a bed bug infestation (including my aptmt which is probably why he's being so compliant; he knows w

e DID NOT bring it in) By December 1st if the problem is not gone I will be demanding our deposit back additional to him releasing him from our lease. We have been beyond compliant doing everything from caulking to vacuuming to laundering to coming out of pocket for sprays & bedding encasements. By the 1st we are done! Just know that bed bugs are infesting this are due to ignorance & neglect. They are no where near close to roaches or ants they will spread & reinfestate even if u miss one! They are parasites & can live for almost 2 yrs without a blood meal. Be conscious & call a PCO!

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