291 Irving Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-5537

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291 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, 11237

I moved in in May 2010.

Over past 9 months I saw a bedbug twice. Didn't know what they were the time, thought it was just some bug. Later saw a poster for bedbug removal and recognized the bugs I had seen.

In January 2011, I returned from a week away and first night I was back discovered my bed was filled with bedbugs. Found and killed 2 or 3 dozen bugs in bedding and bedroom.
I disposed of pillows, comforter etc in sealed plastic bags. Washed

and dried sheets (on long, high dry cycle). I thoroughly inspected my mattress (air mattress, so no bugs inside).

I contacted the building manager, who told me yes they discovered an apartment downstairs that was infested. They got rid of tenant and are gutting / spraying the apt.
That was about a week ago. I have not seen a bug in past couple days. But my mattress is still propped off of floor against a wall. I have been sleeping on a chair in the kitchen until I know the bugs are gone for good.

I will post followup in a month or so.

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This building has a history of bed bugs spreading between units. As of June 2009, there are some remaining vacancies in the building due to bed bug infestation. Recently, one of the tenants has spotted bed bugs but did not speak to the landlord regarding the problem. Bed bugs were reported in December and January of 2009 and the landlord was responsive and fumigated the whole building.

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