259 Bleecker St
New York, NY 11237-5254

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While living here, numerous tenants moved out. By the time I moved, our apartment was completely infested. Management was completely unhelpful and consistently told me my apartment was an isolated incident. Avoid this building at all costs. Neighbors down the street also had a problem.

Moved to 259 Bleecker St, Apt 22 on April 12, 2008 and began experiencing bug bites in early May. I placed a call to my landlord to come exterminate - the request was met - but no one made mention that this infestation was building-wide an on-going since 2007. Following the extermination, as well as the laundering of all clothes and wrapping of my bed and boxspring, the bites subsided for about 2 weeks and then returned with fervor. At this point, I have now spotted the bugs on multiple occas

ions during the middle of the night. I have placed phone calls to management and have yet to receive word back. I will be moving out.

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I moved in Aug of 07. In October/November the first round of exterminations began throughout the building. I never saw bugs in my apt until now, June 08. The infestation is bad and I don't know how many other units in the building are infested as well but the landlord has not done a good job helping the tennets out by providing satisfactory pest control.

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