1299 Greene Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-4501

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We moved into 1299 Greene Avenue a year ago (Thank God we're out now) The first several months we dealt with bedbugs. Several exterminations and we were finally able to sleep at night. Management did not consider this a high priority however and our first apartment experience in the city was ruined. Do everything you can to make sure you're covered by there mistakes... Also, be careful of their accounting errors, unless you like not getting all of your money back... as we did.

The amount of times we dealt with bed bugs in this apartment is too many to mention. The first night we moved in we were all bit, even after an exterminator came I was still bit periodically for the next few months and not until I personally used every bed bug product I could find and cleaned the hell out of my bedroom did the biting stop. Then about 6 months down the road my roommates began to get bites again, this landlord is irresponsible and while he claims to be helpful and solve the proble

ms the tenants suffer for his negligence.

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When we moved into the apartment on 1299 Greene Ave we were not aware of the bed bug registry. We were bit the first night we stayed there. We called the landlord and he paid for an exterminator. Its been a week and we haven't seen any since.

This is one of the worst infestations I have seen and the landlords encourage the tenants to lie to incoming tenants about it, as they do nothing to exterminate them. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING AND ITS SLUMLORDS.

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