177 Wyckoff Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-4303

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Huh? I live here in this Building 177 wyckoff for over 15 years and I have never had any issues. My best friend lived in the same apartment as mentioned since I have seen the exterminators going to the apartment. If anything, the tenants that lived there before or now, have brought the bedbugs with them as they moved. the landlords are great people, they are very punctual with repairs and they keep the building clean.to me, it just sounds like someone is trying to make up stuff for whatever unk

nown purposes if you catch my drift.

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Hello and good morning

This is a follow-up to my previous listing about the bedbug listing for 177 Wyckoff avenue Brooklyn NY 11237.

Today, July 18 2011 I received numerous nasty phone calls from the landlords of that building stating I have been in that building and showed photos to the tenant that has moved into the apartment with the infestation that I moved out of in mid-June.
First I want to say that is totally false, (though I do have a collection of photos that I will gladly share

with ANYONE who wants to see them) I have not a will NEVER return to that infested building ( even if you paid me I wouldn't!)

Second I want to say I am glad this registry obviously works Because (as I now know, thanks to the panicked and threatening phone calls the landlords wife has left on my phone) the tenant that they rented to after me found out about the apt history and obviously (hopefully) is moving out and suing them... Before they have to throw away their furniture, money, sleep and basic quality of life and health like I did during my 6 month ordeal at that apartment)

I will also add that the landlord HIMSELF - Roopnarine Surjnarine
told me in february of 2011 (after I repeatedly TOLD HIM I continued getting bites in the apt) "the only way to remedy this problem will be for you (meaning me) to move out, and we will have to leave this apartment empty until the bugs die:

Bedbugs can live for UP TO ONE YEAR without feeding (fact, google it)

I will NOT remove this post or this report until I am convinced that the landlord DID THIS.

Obviously the landlord did NOT do this, the apartment was rented, and the new tenant found out and (I suppose) is moving out.

I will add that this landlord STILL has done nothing but yelled at me, called me names, and threatened me and not apologized, or shown any concern or remorse for the situation they placed me and my pets into. For that, I am writing this follow-up and hope you will post it.

Note To the Landlords: Feel free to take me to court. I am anxiously awaiting the subpoena, I have a well-documented case complete with photos and I am sure any judge would sympathize with what I went through and award ME damages for the LOSSES I incurred due to YOUR negligence.
And due to the fact you flat out LIED (when I got the first bites in December 2010, landlord said "we have NEVER heard of any bedbugs in your apartment" - obviously that was the FIRST of many lies.

Again, since I moved out of the apt, in mid May, 2011, in a state of both panic and sleepless paranoia, I have not, and WILL NEVER step foot in your building again.
Who ever said they have seen me there, is just completely fibbing.

I will also NOT remove this post until I know for a fact there are no bedbugs in 177 Wyckoff Avenue. (or until the landlord makes good on their word and leaves that apt vacant for one year, for the bugs to die)

I suppose the only way to prove that is for the owners of this building to move in and live in the very apartments they own and rent and see if THEY get any bites.

I am so happy to be in a beautiful new apartment, which I used my own small savings to move with.

Without any assistance from the landlords who did not care that I threw my furniture away, who did not care that I suffered for 6 months, and who still do not care about what I lost and who have no idea about how immense the overall problem is in their building. Good luck with finding a new tenant.


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I moved into this Apartment in December of 2010.
After being in the building for a week, I started getting bites all over my body.
I complained to Landlord (Roopnarine Surjnarine) and hime and his wife Lynn both flat out LIED to me that there was no history of BedBugs in this building.
After speaking to other tenants in the building as I continued to get bites, I discovered that the building had an infestation and previous tenant in my apartment moved out due to infestation.
I ten ripped up

floor tiles, took down shelves, etc and FOUND a MAJOR nest of bugs... (I have photos of my whole ordeal, including my initial findings)
This ordeal has gone on now for 6 months (I have been esterminated by professionals THREE times, I have exterminated my own apartment and used Diotamacious Earth, slept with my bed posts in pools of alcohol... and NOW after a very LONG battle, am throwing in the towel, throwing out my bed, my furniture and spending a few grand to get the hell out of tis INFESTED building. They are in the walls! The landlord has NOT exterminated other peoples apts (I know they have bugs next door, they have told me as much) and therefore even if my exterminations "work" for a while... the bugs eventually get back into my apt.
I now (at this moment, 6 months later) still have 5 PAINFUL bites on my arm.... and have done everything one can do to try and resolve the problem.
Am a bit crazier from the whole experience and am completely flabberghasted by the indifference and actions of my landlord, who has been completely unsympsthetic o my whole experience.

I am moving and do NOT wish for ANYONE to move into 177 Wyckoff Avenue in Brooklyn New York 11237.
I HOPE this short listing will save someone from the hellish ordeal I have been trying to get through for half a year now.
God Bless and may Karma kick the Asses of my awful landlords.

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