215 Himrod St
Brooklyn, NY 11237-4103

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Lived here from August 2013- August 2014. Sometime in January 2014 we started noticing a problem, LOTS of bed bugs eventually were found in one of the bedrooms. We lived on the 2 floor. Exterminated many times; eventually we seemed to have the problem under control but we moved anyway. Didn't bring any bugs with us to the new place but I would beware of this building. Wish I could have warned the people who moved in after us; aside from the bugs this building is just gross in general. Needs a ma

jor overhaul.

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I live on the 2nd floor 2 bedroom love the building well maintained NEVER EVER HAD ANY BED BUGS

I live in the building for the last 2 years and never had a problem their with bed bugs

Summer 2010, found only one on pillow and one on wall but was covered in bites, which reoccurred over the course of two weeks. Landlord was swift in providing an exterminator. Infestation did not come back, but we moved ASAP. Third Floor. Suspect they came in from neighbors through the walls...Exterminator said he'd treated several apartments on the block for bedbugs.

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