1502 De Kalb Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-3604

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We moved out of there in May 2009 after living there for 6 months. The bed bug infestation was ferocious (as were the rats). We tried everything: caulking, diatomaceous earth, steaming, keeping all clothes and bedding in plastic...I could go on. The building has so many bedbugs that we often even saw them in the daytime, which an expert told me indicates the infestation is extreme. It is clear that they are in the walls and probably there are millions of them because they've had lots of time to

procreate freely. It turns out (we finally asked a neighbor) that the building had had them for at least a year previous to our moving out, and the landlord didn't want to pay an exterminator. It was a truly awful 6 months. I think there is way more bed bug activity in this neighborhood than reported because one of my students who lived down the street from us told me she had them too, but I see her address is not reported here. It is a very crowded neighborhood with tightly packed rowhomes that have no alleys, so if there's an infestation in one place I suspect it is easy for the critters to be spreading out quickly. Also, when one of our neighbors moved out to escape the bugs, they moved across the street and took all their furniture, stuffed animals, bed, etc. with them, doing nothing to avoid carrying the bugs. It is a poor neighborhood too, so I suspect many of the people don't have resources to make reports like this.

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