62 Wyckoff Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-2928

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They were NOT spider bites. Just got treated here agin a year later. No bites after a year but they are back. Exterminator treated next door neighbor 6 weeks ago so it's no wonder. Was not made aware of this until AFTER I got new bites. Neighbors say that this happens every year here. Definitely bed bugs - saw with my own eyes.

The bites mentioned in the previous post were determined to have not been bed bug bites. It was more likely a spider bite, based on its pattern and type. There were not bed bugs at this address in May of 2011.

4 Incidences of bites over a month period. Each incident was only 2 bites, not together. Had very bad reaction and a lot of swelling. Saw a doctor for the first bite who assured me it was not bed bugs and that it looked like a spider bite. After the 4th incident and a dermatologist telling me my bites did not look like bed bugs, I decided to go ahead and have the apartment sprayed for bed bugs even though we could not find any evidence of them when examining the room and mattress. Once everythin

g was stripped off of the bed and I began to bag things, I finally found 1 bug and confirmed our suspicions. Exterminator came and is coming back in a few weeks. Washing/drying EVERYTHING. Getting rid of bed and hoping that this takes care of everything!

Also, found out that the neighbors had them a year ago!

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