1119 Willoughby Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-2701

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My name is John,

I didn't realize this report before i was moving into this apt., (about a year ago)

But im leaving the apt. right now after living there for about a year, & i didnt have any problems,

The owner is a very nice guy, & they have an exterminator coming every month for prevention,

But i never had a problem with mice and certainly not with bedbugs

Actually, my name is Mark, and I'm the Mark that whoever posted the prior response is pretending to be. In the course of the year we lived at 1119 Willoughby, the bedbugs never went away. The situation was partially resolved by throwing away our beds and buying metal bedframes, but the bedbugs never actually went away (they were simply partially disabled from crawling onto our beds).

To clarify, all rent was paid on time and the information posted below is false. Also, the other tenants

at the building (most of whom had lived there for many years) informed us that the building had been infested for years. You do the math: spraying one room in an entirely infested building does not rid the entire building of bedbugs.

In all fairness, the landlord did send an exterminator several times whenever we requested it and was accomodating for the most part. However, as anyone who knows about bedbugs understands, routine pest control in one apartment does not end the problem; it simply lessens the problem until the apartment is re-sprayed. The situation, as of the end of our lease, was ongoing.

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I was one of the roommates there at that time & the guy Billiam had a dispute with landlord (because he wasn't able to pay rent) & i guess that's why he is trying do him damage here,

But here is my side of the story:

We got bedbugs a little bit after we moved in, & the landlord & the super were extremely nice to us & sent down the exterminator right away, he told us to wash our clothes & cover our mattresses, after that he came to spray around the apt., & we never had a problem after (i

f we would had a continues problem we would move out, But we finished our Lease...)
I would love to renew the lease after a year but unfortunately i had to move away from the city (for personal reasons)

The Landlord there is an extremely nice guy & gives very Personal & reliable service,

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Lived at this location from January 09 to January 2010 in apartment 3R. Started to get bedbugs immediatley...Landlord would send bug men to come spray posion. This would help for a few weeks, but the bedbugs eventually would always come back. We had our matreses sealed and kept the apartment clean and sprayed poison ourselves, but the problem continued to persist. It's definitely a problem with the building(s) in that area being infested.

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