467 Troutman St
New York, NY 11237-2603

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Large bed bugs found in mattress seams and box spring. Blood spots and steaks on my sheets as well. Not many bites on me but I must not have a reaction to them.

Landlord said someone would be out to spray

I live on the fourth floor - got no bugs at all... Management has always been great in tending to my issues right away! Thank you Sharf Machinery and Max!

Re: my post in early July.

Two months and 3 exterminations later and we're still being bitten. We've literally cleaned everything in the apt as well as correctly thrown out necessary furniture (yes, we did bag them) as well as caulk and fill every single crack/baseboard etc.

Through word of mouth there are now at least 2 confirmed infestations on the 3rd floor
per below, 1 on the 1st floor and 1 on the 4th floor. I'm almost positive there are more infestation in the building that either A

. aren't being posted here B. The people are to stupid tho realize they have bed bugs or C. they're to embarrassed

If anyone in the building wants to get a hold of me to discuss they're situation please email me at [email protected]

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Ksayzz, I live in your building, my post was the one below yours. Can you please get in contact with me to discuss further actions with our super and building management company?

[email protected] or just come up to 3B and we can chat.


It's six forty-five in the morning. I cannot sleep. We found another bed bug on my boyfriend's pants while he slept.

One other bug was spotted the night before last. We thought it may be an isolated incident. Indeed, not.

We sprayed a bunch of alcohol on the bed, put plastic bags lining the wall around our bed (which fits snugly into an elevated platform)... I have heard sleeping with the lights on is no help, but I'm leaving them on anyway.

There is a sign from management

that says an exterminator will be in once a month. From what I have read on the matter, this will be absolutely no help. Pest control must be in at least 3 times within a two week period. The loft situation makes it easy for the bugs to move from one apartment to the next upon fumigation. This means that when one apartment is treated by the exterminator, the bugs simply walk into the next and start feeding on your neighbors instead.

I say we at 467 Troutman, hold some sort of tenant meeting. Perhaps we can draft up a signed statement from each of the residents demanding more be done.

These apartments are sweet-- we really don't want to move. We certainly pay enough to expect treatment that works.

And PLEASE! When you throw your mattress out, COVER IT!! I live on the first floor and people have been throwing their mattresses out uncovered. All the bugs have to do is walk back into the place. Please try to make it harder for them.

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Been waking up to bites for a week or so, thought they were just mosquito bites until they started appearing in rows.

Went on a raid of my bed. Found a good number of them. The landlord didn't believe me when I called today and I've been trying to get an exterminator for 2 weeks now.

Found a bug on the bed in the middle of the night. Killed it & got blood on the napkin from killing it.

Found a female bedbug on my desk.

Woke up with a line of bites on my back.

Woke up with another line of bites on my back.

Decided it wasn't just coincidence, that we need to wash all our bedding, and vacuum the mattress. Looked up this registry, and discovered we're in the middle of a hotbed for bedbugs.

Tomorrow we'll call the Super, t

hen the landlord & wash/bag up all the rest of our stuff.

Will keep you updated.

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Bedbugs! Tons of them attacking me while I sit in bed.

This is not a good experience, and despite having had my apartment fumigated once, they seem to be back strong than before.

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