224 Knickerbocker Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237-2402

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We bought three beds that we were told were brand new from 3B DISCOUNT STORE. 2 weeks after the purchase, we began to notice bites on one of our roommates and the bites progressed within days. We live in a brand new building so we knew the bugs were not previously localized in the building before we moved in.

We Called an exterminator and he showed us a nest of bedbugs inside ALL OF THE BEDS! Also there was 3 different layers of fabric on the mattresses showing the 3 different times this

bed has been used and sold and resold!

Not only did this store refuse to give us our money back and take the beds away, they claimed that we were changing our story and knew that the beds were refurbished. So there is an issue of dishonesty and ethics involved with this store. I would warn anyone going into this store DO NOT PURCHASE FURNITURE FROM HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO SUFFER PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA! not to mention the copious amount of laundry you have to do!

Buyers Beware!

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